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Thursday, November 11, 2010

pretty picture: waiting by the window - pt. 3

yet another.  this time our model [julia dunstall] is also playing the role of a pensive ballerina wearing killer red pointe shoes.  awesomeness.

just like all my other "waiting by the window" pictures, i can't help but wonder: who is she?  what/who is she waiting for?
for this photograph, i've decided she is an ex-prima ballerina.  her prime dancing days are over, perhaps due to an injury since she looks fairly young, but she still throws on her fave [red!] pointe shoes to dance around in the privacy of her home.  it doesn't matter if she slips up or doesn't look perfect or even *gasp* falls -- this performance is for her, her enjoyment, her passion, her love.  why is she by the window?  she is relaxing post-dance, staring out at the expansive outdoors, reflecting on her time spent on the stage.  not waiting, but reminiscing.

that's my story.  maybe it says more about me than the actual image or photographer's vision, but it is what i see.  [& that's why i looooove photography, it allows you to interpret it however you wish]
what do you see?

from elle [U.S.] march 2009
photographed by david armstrong
via dustjacket attic, along with the rest of the full photo shoot.


  1. that is a gorgeous picture!love the colour of her pointes.x

  2. Pity the ribbons are tied all wrong. They should be tied in a knot on the inside of the ankle and tucked away, they should never be in a bow and there should never be loose ends showing.