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Saturday, November 27, 2010

i want: dresses from UO's 12 days of dresses

intro: for those of you not down with the abbreve, "UO" = "urban outfitters."  aka, my mecca.  or one of the many.  i'm an equal opportunity shopper.

anywho... reason #12387 [or something along those lines] why i love OU is their "12 days of dresses" campaign on their website/blog.  how cool is that!  here are my top 4:

big surprise that my faves are solids, super fun, mostly black, girly, and structured.  predictable.  but soooo pretty!

the best part?  all are totally affordable.  unfortunately, this young chickadee is in no place to buy any dresses over about $20 [second-hand stores, here i come!].  still... lovely.  as usual.

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  1. I saw these too, they are so pretty! But I'm mostly just dreaming about wearing them, like you : )