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Friday, November 5, 2010

link love 11.5.10

- are you a swinger? some great use of swings in design
- lots of chandelier love [i also included an image from this post here]
- i loooove this before & after living room 
- a cool new way to do gallery walls without ruining the walls with nails [too late for me, but maybe it can help you!]
- some beautiful rooms with stone walls

- beautiful pink pieces by christian dior cruise 2k11
lovely lace ~ featuring the valentino dress i'm soo obsessed with
- 5 trends we wish would disappear -- i completely agree with all 5.  do you?
- love these 10 Styling Tips For the Newly Single Girl, Inspired by Blake Lively my fave advice is to go all out, be bold, wear ruffles. however, not a fan of the harem pants. [see previously listed article]
- more incredible fashion advice: how to dress like emma stone. such a fashion icon of mine when it comes to casual style.
- keira knightley's style transformation - thank goodness she traded in belly shirts for chanel!

- a tribute to dogs in fashion photography
- incredibly cool photography series

- i love messy buns
- so apparently everyone & their dog dressed up as either lady gaga or snookie this past halloween, except for yours truly, thank you very much.  oh, & except for ellen degeneres.  sort of.  check out her twist on the ubiquitous snookie costume trend.

happy friday!


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