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Sunday, November 28, 2010

i want: renegade art fair - vahalla studios

so maybe i'm months behind, but it's better late than never, right?!  back in september, when i spent two full days in complete ecstasy at the renegade craft fair in chicago [which actually took place a 10 min walk away from my apt -- score!], i wanted to highlight some of my fave vendors.  but then life took over & i didn't have the time.  & then i forgot.  anyways, i was cleaning up my room today and came across my map from the event & decided it's not too late to share some of my faves.

the first i'd like to highlight is vahalla studios - a design company that makes killer concert posters, all of which would look beautiful framed in a fun & funky home.  here's my selection of wants, based on both fave designs & fave bands ~

and my #1 fave, the one i desperately wanted to buy when at the fair:
not only do i love feist, but the colors in this poster would fit perfectly in my room.  sooo cool.

you can buy all of these posters & more here.  they also have a pretty cool blog.

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