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Sunday, June 19, 2011

a personal post: me & my daddy

in honor of father's day i decided to write a post dedicated to him and to our interesting relationship.  so here is a sort of time line of me & my daddy ::

daddy & toad
yes, you read that right - toad.  my father didn't call me his princess or his angel or anything like that.  i was his toad.  why?  well now, that's the best part!  i was toad because i looked like a toad.  sweet.  above is a picture of my very young daddy and his baby toad.  
from the start i was a total daddy's girl...
we were best friends.

daddy & little kait
 as i grew up i maintained my daddy's girl status, apparently living on his shoulders?
or in his arms in general.

daddy & kait age 8 - 18
{no pictures to share}
it's not that there are no pictures of daddy & me during this time frame, it's just that i don't have any on my computer right now.  i would probably have to search for one of just the two of us as i don't think we took many pictures together during my prolonged angsty stage.  unfortunately, we didn't have the best of relationships at this time.  it would take a long time to explain why exactly but in short - he did nothing wrong, he loved me and always had my best interests at heart, but for whatever reason i couldn't see that.  i became much closer with my momma and didn't pay as much attention to my dad.  i was quite the sensitive pre-adolescent/adolescent and his tough personality offended me [but i repeat: he only loved me and only had my best interests at heart.  it's just taken me a few years to realize that].  i wish we didn't have this lapse in our relationship but i'm glad to say that moody phase is finally over!

daddy & big-girl kait - college & beyond
when i went away to college, my parents' alma mater actually, i constantly heard from my father's friends that i had become just like him.  at first i was really shocked but then the more i thought about it, the more i realized they were right.  everyone had always said i was like my mother's twin but i now knew i was far more like my dad's sarcastic, outgoing, confident, occasionally reckless self.  i realized i inherited so much more from him than a love of eclectic music - i also could hold my own with pretty much anyone, get along with pretty much anyone, and refuse to let any of those people bring me down.
the other night at dinner with my family, my mom asked me & my two younger siblings, "who is most like dad?"
the answer was unanimously, kait.

i couldn't be happier.

 p.s.  i was also decided to be most like my mom. 
it's common knowledge that i am the perfect mix of my parents.
just when i thought i couldn't get any happier . . . i am.

happy father's day 2011

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