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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wedding wednesday: balloon engagement

yes, i know that my segment is titled wedding wednesdays, but engagements precede weddings, as do engagement photo shoots, so it's all good.  actually it's all very, very good.  because it's simple and sweet and playful and whimsical and.... and filled with BALLOONS!  and we all know how much i love balloons!  so take a gander and enter the magical world of balloons & the beauty of love ~

and my fave ~

it's very sixteen candles... but with balloons.  so it's even more awesome.

beautiful photo shoot brought to you by brittany esther


  1. I love balloons as well, and always look for an opportunity to post pictures of them when I can. This is such a cute photo shoot! I can't wait to share it with friends of mine who are getting hitched soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, so very Sixteen Candles, I love it! Who doesn't love balloons!


  3. i'm a firm believer that every photo shoot should have at least one balloon :)