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Thursday, March 3, 2011

quotation: believe in yourself

for many months, this image was the background of my computer, reminding me of my inner strength during times of the greatest stress . . .

that was a year ago, when i was stuck in a dead-end job and feeling confused and even slightly hopeless about the quality of my future.

well now the background has returned... situations are different but obstacles are more intense than ever.  i just need to remember to:

believe in myself & all that i am.
know that there is something inside of me that is greater than any obstacle. 

maybe if i say this enough times, see it on my computer enough times... maybe then i will believe it.  i'm starting to already :)


  1. Nice blog!
    Love C.


  2. great quote! we all need that reminder sometimes :)


  3. thank you dear, i completely agree! any time i get down on myself and feel overwhelmed with outside obstacles, i read this :)