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Monday, March 14, 2011

decor: framing . . .

confession: i own way too many frames.  random, but true.  i kind of can't help it - every time i see a cute frame on sale, i snatch it up!  as a result, i am drawn to unique uses of picture frames, so that maybe i put some of my many many frames to use!  here are a just a few of the creative framing options i have come across ~

children's clothes:

vintage handkerchiefs:
image from canadian house and home [via]



huuuuuuge organization crush. plus a little "K" on the table?!  perfection.
[image via]

3D objects:
also known as a collection. [via]

 by emma case photography

* my fave *
definitely a decor trick i'd love to try!

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