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Friday, March 11, 2011

friday faves: 3.11.11

friday again?  already??  i know that for nearly everyone, fridays are fantastic [*ahem* TGIF *ahem*].  but for me, fridays are sort of like my sundays.  sundays where you still have to work all day, and actually usually longer than most other days.  my store opens on the weekends, turning weekends into hot beds of stress, and fridays into anxiety-central.  i think that's why i do these "friday faves" posts -- to remind myself of beautiful, quirky, and clever things while i slave away at work, freaking out about the upcoming weekend.  

but enough about that.  here are this week's friday faves! ::

~ zooey deschanel on the cover of lucky ~
in my mind, no one is cuter than zooey.  going out to buy this issue ASAP! [image via]

~ another of my fave celebs ~
miss audrey, of course -- the epitome of grace, class, & natural beauty.
looooove this b&w picture of her.  [by philippe halsman, 1955; via]

~ lace tote ~
i'm a sucker for totes.  not so much expensive purses that should be in a museum and not on your arm... but totes? oh i love totes!  [even my fave marc jacobs purse is a fun little tote]  in high school i would buy a bunch of cheap canvas totes from the craft stores and then decorate them to match my fave outfits.
which is probably why i love this soft french lace tote so much :)
pretty without being stuffy, and would match most of what i own!

~ this is possible the coolest tote ever! ~
this awesome bag, called the "teen genre tote," lists all the names of the most memorable 80's movie characters.  SWEET! 

  ~ simple & pretty amethyst ring ~
dainty but still sparkly.  and purple.  my kind of ring!
by etsy designer clementine - buy here

~ fave fish = penguin ~
totally remember this episode! and ALL boy meets world episodes for that matter.... [photo found here]

~ beautiful hand-made thank you card ~
 by the super craftsy tomiannie.  see more on her blog!
~ outerwear by burberry fall 2011 RTW ~
my two fave coats from an all-in-all incredible collection [images via]

~ stopping to smell the roses ~
this gorgeous photo comes from marie claire china, feb 2011.  [via]

~ happy models ~
love this pic of model laura bingle for the magazine oyster.  messy hair & happy face - great! [image via]

~ a post secret i can soo relate to ~
 i love postsecret.  and i love meeting new people and wondering what their post card would say...

~ chanel tiered dress ~
you may recognize this beauty of a dress from a post of mine last week, where tiiu kuik wore it in a marie claire france editorial.  this time it's so young kang for elle march 2011 [image via] either way, i'm still in love with this dress!

~ prettypretty floral dress ~
about as feminine as you can get!  completely love floral scene, color scheme, & the 1950's-style shape :)
[image via]

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~ happy weekend to all your "normal" folk who have it off! ~


  1. Those are such a great finds. I love the cover image of Zooey and the ring is so beautiful:) Happy Sunday, sweetie

  2. love your picks! what a pretty thank you card!


  3. Burberry outerwear always rocks my world!!! And love all your other picks :)

    Happy Monday!