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Monday, November 22, 2010

decor: ruffled curtains

window curtains
from delias
waterfall curtains from urban outfitters [images via: 1, 2]

shower curtains
  from country living magazine [via]; curtains from uo [via]
shades of ivory/green/blue curtain [via]; buy bright yellow, blue, & purple curtains here [via]
beautiful romantically ruffled curtains by summers at the cottage
 neon-bright curtains by india rose [second image found here]

 buy this ruffled shower curtain here

pretty, fun, romantic... ruffles can be whatever you want them to!
ohh yes, i love me some ruffles in the home.


  1. Ok I love ALL of these! So pretty! I linked this to my ruffles post too today, for inspiration!

  2. What a great write up on ruffled curtains. I wonder what would happen if Husband came home one day to find them hanging...

  3. I just started a new blog and your beautiful things fit in with my idea of beautiful. I will be putting a link on my blog to you shortly if that's okay. Gorgeous stuff! I am your newest follower.