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Sunday, November 21, 2010

reblog: how to decorate your home office

LOVE these tips from always-fab ashlina, aka the decorista.

her rules/descriptions for decorating a home office are... :

1.  matching storage & organization
 when your organized files match, it creates harmony which is perfect to work around. makes filing way more fun + sophisticated!

2.  bookshelf/magazine display 
i love having books and magazines around handy is great for inspiration on the fly

3.  a practical & stylish guest chair:
nothing is better than having someone able to hang with you in you while you work away. 

4.  an inspiration board:
putting up your favorite images and fabrics makes your home office such a personal space.
5.  a fabulous desk lamp: 
amazing lighting is a must in any office space. having a fun desk lamp is even better. lately im loving brass ones.

**best yet, she includes fabulous example offices as inspiration**
here is my fave:

isn't that the most relaxing & beautiful office space?!  [originally found on made by girl]

can't wait until i have a pretty & perfectly organized home office of my own!

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  1. I really like this home office tips, it's gonna be a new idea for my wife in redecorate her home office...