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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

intro: "your opinion" posts

so far, this blog has been all about my opinions, and all things i like.

but one questions has been nagging at me... : what about those designs/clothing/artwork that i am unsure about?  things/ideas that intrigue me, but i just can't decide if i like it or not.

so i've decided to start a new type of post, called "your opinion."  i won't introduce what i think in the post, it will just be an image and perhaps description of what is up for debate.  tell me what you think in the comment box.  i'll join in the conversation there.

now, i don't want this to become a super negative outlet -- if you dislike something, tell me why rather than just bash it. 

really, i just want to know you're opinion!

                        ~ kait

p.s. these kind of posts won't be predictable, won't be once a week on a certain day at a certain time, or anything like that... just whenever i come across something that makes me go, "hmmm...."  :)

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