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Monday, November 29, 2010

design: perfectly quirky purple bedroom

from the dutch home of claudette halkes, author of the books uitgeverij snor
- unique corner structure [their house used to be a primary school & they kept many of the original architectural elements.  how cool!]
- deep purple bedding...
-....with funky patchwork pillow
- bed frame with built-in shelving for books.  oh & the reading lamps!
- soft pink & cream curtains.  lovely.
- quirky lighting
** pairing of woodsy wallpaper with pretty lavender paint **

i simply love this bedroom.  it has such a beautifully perfect combo of natural elements, soft and romantic colors, and quirky accents.  love, love, love!

also love this quotation on style from the writer-owner:

"[style] means knowing what makes you feel comfortable, happy and beautiful. Knowing what suits you best, in fashion, living, everything. And style also has to with to be able picking beautiful little things out of a bunch of crap."

see the whole quirky-awesome house here.


  1. That is adoarble, I love the high ceilings.


  2. Oh this is sooo gorgeous!! I love the purple accents and the wonderful wall paper... A dream bedroom indeed!

    - the runaway