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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

design: incredible murphy bed

okay, i understand your potential hesitation in response to my claim that a murphy bed could be "incredible" - i would certainly have that reaction.  murphy beds are beyond practical but, in my opinion, terrible.  i love beds in design.  i love mountains of pillows and a thick, inviting comforter.  i love creative headboards and canopies and benches at the end of the bed.  simple as that: i love beds.  and regardless of practicality, muphy beds rob me of that beauty.  the bed has to be hidden during the day & you have to go through the trouble of pulling it out in order to enjoy it - read: no cat naps, no plopping down on the bed for just a minute in between running around getting ready.  maybe it's worth it for you, but to me, that sounds miserable.

but i digress.  back to my claim that there is such thing as an incredible murphy bed.  rather than describe it, i'll just give a pic:

and the magic in action:

it's a wall.... no, a bed with underneath storage!...no, a desk with overhead shelving!

so yeah, i have to admit that this murphy bed is incredible.  the ideas can't help but flood my mind...perfect for a small studio apartment...ideal in an office where you may need to crash one night after a long day... incredible for a work space turned guest room!!

i admit it: i love this murphy bed.  too bad it costs $5,326 [by flying beds]
head on over to the company's website, or furniture store blog, to see even more crazy-practical, crazy-cool, crazy-unique murphy beds [including a bunk-bed murphy?!]

first found on design spark

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