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Friday, March 4, 2011

etc: learn what your name means

it's beginning... my attempt to celebrate the majority of all holidays included on mimi + meg's march calendar!!  today is 2 things: grammar day, & learn what your name means day.  i have decided to post about the latter (using only proper grammar of course!).

so what does my name mean?  i actually didn't need to look it up ~ i've known since a child that my name (kaitlin) means pure.  i have a little plaque that says:

Pure One
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
                                  Matthew 5:8 

i also know that it's origin is irish which you may think is weird because out of all the great European countries where i have relatives, ireland is not one.  so why kaitlin?  i was blessed with this name largely because my grandmother's middle name is "catherine," and kaitlin is a variant of catherine.

so there you have it!  a brief description of what my name means.

now... time to go learn what yours means!
(and if you do, and then post about it, please send me a link!)



  1. great idea! mine is pretty boring: ashley - from the ash meadow. i prefer my middle name: nicole - victory of the people.


  2. i feel the same way! "kaitlin" is way too ubiquitous - i also prefer my middle name. but don't worry, there's a middle name day coming up this month. stay tuned :)

  3. Hi! I love the name Kaitlyn first of all and my name is something really boring, having to do with a laurel tree. I'm new to your blog but I love it :)

    New follower, stop on by please..