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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a personal post: two-four

birthday time! 2 - 4.  twenty four!  as of yesterday, actually.  2 + 4 = 8.  8 = birthday month & date.  result = 24 will be a great (rhymes with 8) year.  --that's my type of math.  weird, yes, but makes sense in my mind!

despite the poor grammar, i love love love this e-card sent to me by my lovely ex-assistant, stephanie

feeling pretty good about this year - have a lot of goals and aspirations and big changes coming my way so it should at least be quite the ride.

one of those goals/aspirations/changes is a SECOND BLOG!  i've mentioned it here a few times, and debated if i should start a new bloggy blog or just include "more serious" posts right here.  welp, i decided to go with new blog because i really like organization and would like to organize my thoughts into two different places: pretty things that catch my eye and inspire me; and random thoughts and musings that are slightly more personal or potentially serious.  i used to write all the time but put it on the back burner as my life got more hectic and "adult."  journaling used to be my favorite hobby - the best therapy, the best use of pent up creativity, the best outlet for expression.  so why the heck did i stop?!  because life got in the way.  isn't that how it always is? : when there is actually something to write about, we are too busy with that something to write at all.  pathetic irony. so moral of the story is i'm stopping that cycle of a writing-free life and starting up again.  who knows how often i will post and who knows what i will be writing about - really whatever is on my mind grapes.  but i have a feeling it will be just fabulous! 

*look forward to the "big launch" tomorrow & hopefully will see you over on blog #2!

just found on this on one of my fave sites, so obviously had to add it to my birthday post!!