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Friday, February 25, 2011

friday faves: 2.25.11

due to having 2 days off in a row for the first time in months, i've posted a lot this week.  so if you want all of my friday faves, just go over the past couple days' worth of posts, both here on my blog and also on my tumblr.  regardless, here is my compilation of faves today ::

~ braided/twisted hairdos ~
fun twists (catch the wordplay?!) on a simple ponytail/bun
[first image via; middle found here; bottom compilationby diane @ a spot of whimsy]

~ pink suede this + that ~
even though it's from a few weeks ago, i still can't stop obsessing over this pink suede this + that.  i desperately want both the bag & the couch!  lovely.

~ floral on black ~
lots of love for this outfit -- super fem, super flattering,  super me.  wish i knew how to acquire it! [via]

~ a funky rennovated caravan ~
 i want me one of these. that way i can load up my things and go on day trips and have picnics wherever i please. doesn't that sound ideal... [via]

~ a huge turquoise mirror ~
i'm not sure i would put it next to a bathtub (just not my thing), but regardless, i love love love this intricate turquoise mirror
from Casaviva magazine, photographed by Winfried Heinze [via]

~ swirly-whirly fonts ~
it's known as Gillian font & i want it embossed on everything i own!
major typography crush. 

~ a very useful chart ~
 (as if i needed some fancy chart to tell me to just wear long pants 24-7!!)  -via-

~ my madre ~

not just because she it the most beautiful, intelligent, and inspiring woman i know... but also because she bought me a "treat" (her cute words!) to reward me for all my hard work at my job.  what's this treat you ask?  oh, just certificates for 4 days worth of spa treatments!  i get: a haircut, manicure, massage, and facial.  i'm seriously shocked.  still!   

~ great giveaways ~
$50 credit to minted from simplified bee
if chosen, i would get these cards to send to my far-away friends -
but if you're getting married, i would suggest these awesome thank you cards! -

oh, and i almost forgot to mention...

~ AdvK tweeted about ME!! ~
holy man!! color me shocked! and totally, totally, honored.
if i did the tweeter thing, i'd def follow AdvK's page!

this is how i feel ~

i have a crazybusy couple days and can barely think straight with all the stress...
- but -
i'm going to keep thinking of these pretty pretty things : braids to try out, a talented fashion designer giving me a shout out, my mom treating me to loads of spa treatments....
and that will get me through it all.

* and one last link -- best week ever's hilarious & tongue-in-cheek awards for the runway looks at NY fashion week


  1. ah, there's the hair post! thanks for the shout-out. lovely :)

  2. thats some major LOVE right there! = SWOON to this post!

  3. That hair! The pink! The flow chart! I love just about everything in this post!

  4. Thanks so much for the mention! This is a darling post.


  5. Where did you find the Gillian font?

    1. I just found it here: http://www.fonts101.com/fonts/view/Curly/42554/Pendulum. It's called Pendulum where I found it.