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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

fashion: addy van den krommenacker - PaP 2011

i love how fashionising describes this collection, shown at Amsterdam fashion week, so pithily: glam warrior.  i think this dress proves this phrase perfectly ::

the article's writer, linett kamps, continues her description, saying that "the designer [is] opting for a stronger design aimed at women who are willing to show off their figure."

what i personally love about this collection is that it is different.  typically i go for looks that are feminine and classic with a touch of quirky.  sometimes vintage, sometimes a little fashion-forward, regardless, i still have a fairly defined fashion aesthetic.  this particular collection is just different than my usual.  prints, shine, somewhat random ruffles, interesting hemlines and layers - it just pulls me in.  most of these looks would be considered a bit risky for a celebrity to wear on the red carpet - hello, sequin polka dots! - but i sincerely hope i get to see some of them soon [alexa chung, carey mulligan, leighton meester -- are you listening up?!].

here are some of my fave looks ::
minis ~
gowns ~
what i'd most likely wear in my real life [at a wedding, party, etc.] ~
well, minus the train.  it's pretty, but just not practical.
what i'd most likely wear in if i went to galas and red carpet events [dream] ~

oh and i gotta say, i love these models' facial expressions!
 so rarely do designers allow models to show this sort of personality -- love it!

congrats, AdvK, i love your collection!

all images via, where you can also see the entire collection [although i included nearly all of it!]


  1. gorgeous! i'm a sucker for a sequin gown anyday. great to find another chicago-based blogger! i'm your newest follower :)


  2. O my goodness I LOVE these.. I want so many of them...