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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

etc: a new look for pretty things!

i finally caved & spent some money to make my blog prettier.  i mean, i need to live up to the blog's title!!  my dumb budget restricted me from doing a whole makeover, but lucky for me there are some incredibly talented women (and i'm sure men) out there who offer great deals for smaller projects.

after researching my options - can't do anything without researching! - i decided to go with the fabulous debby from inspired design.  she has a great blog boutique of pre-made headers for only $15! woah!  after what seemed like hours of debate, i settled on the beautiful header that you see on the top of my page now.  debby was the greatest - fast, efficient, and sweet as can be.  she even added my tagline to the header when it didn't originally have one!

i'm in love! ~

i also made a few small changes, mostly with the font of my blog.  i'm unsure how i feel about my new font - i like it because it looks more like my handwriting, making the blog seem like my online journal (my goal), but part of me doesn't like it because it looks a little juvenile and doesn't fit with my professional lifestyle.

your thoughts?  on the font, the header, etc.?  let's hear it -- i love feedback!


  1. it looks beautiful! great job! i've been thinking of spending a bit of $$ myself to make my blog better. just haven't settled on how much i'm willing to spend yet!

  2. love the header! my personal opinion is that a plain, black font is best - it's simple, easy to read and more professional. and don't worry, your personality will come out through the writing itself!