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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

celeb style: dita von teese's shoes

as i've mentioned, i personally don't tweet, but the fine people at jezebel do.  and then they share the highlights with me.  it's totally awesome.

anyways, what jumped out at me today was a post by dita von teese, whom i, along with the majority of the human population, find perfectly and enviably sexy.

obviously i was intrigued!  must.see.custom-made.louboutins....

extravagant, indeed!
i mean, sparkly ruffles?? YES!!
i'm guessing this little "twit pic" doesn't do the shoes justice, so i can't wait until the ever-fab DvT wears them out & i can see more!


  1. those pumps are incredible! i don't *love* the color, but the ruffles are so great!


  2. ashley, i totally agree!! i think i would like them more if they were black or a deep rose color. which is why i can't wait to see DVT wear them out because i think the overall effect will make me forget all about the color :)