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Monday, March 14, 2011

reblog: fug the fromage: mean girls 2 AKA TINA FEY WEEPS

a personal note: although i usually read design/fashion/lifestyle blogs, i have a few guilty pleasures, blogs where snarky authors write hilarious and often not-so-nice things...so i don't have to.  go fug yourself is at the top of my list for guilty pleasure sites.

and this review of mean girls 2 was too incredible not to share.  it may be long, but it's worth it!  especially for all the comments on this "in crowd" 's fashion.  hilarious!  oh wait, did i mention there's pictures too?!  yup, yup, yup.

here's a few shots, with accompanying commentary by the article's author, jessica :

Um. WHAT ARE THEY WEARING? The Main Plastic — the Regina George — is wearing WHITE KNEE SOCKS and a BEIGE BLAZER and a FASCINATOR and PEARLS and a dress Laura Ingalls Wilder would have rejected for being “too prairie.” Her headband exactly matches her purse for pete’s sake. She looks like what you’d get if Laura Ashley married Cher Horowitz and had the baby in a Chico’s. This is eye-searing. 
We all learned that Tim Meadows agreed to be in this movie, although NO ONE ELSE FROM THE ORIGINAL DID. I like to think of him showing up the first day and being like, “Where’s Tina?” and then everyone was like, “are you kidding us?” and then he was all sad and called her and yelled at her for lying that she was going to do it, too, and then Tina laughed and laughed and then Tim also saw the humor in this, and did a few Ladies’ Man lines for her and then signed off and went back to set and thought about how best to kill himself.
 I miss Regina George. She never showed up places looking like she just got lost on her way home from the Junior League. 
 Sure, if you like trashy eyeliner. WHAT? I’m just saying, that is NOT the prop picture you choose to represent your heroine’s TRAGIC AND INSPIRING DEAD MOM. She looks like a party girl. She looks, actually, like a bit of a Plastic.
“The Plastics were going down, and I don’t care what rules I had to break to make her pay,” Jo says. Including, clearly, those of proper grammar and correct syntax.

...okay, i'm done quoting!
time for you to go read the article yourself.
and then die laughing.

* let me know what you think *
oh, and if you happened to actually see the movie for yourself, definitely let me know what you thought of that too!

[personally, i'm glad i was able to read this article so i could get the gist of the film without actually watching it, because i'm defiantly refusing to watch it out of loyalty to the original.  personal side note: i've probably seen mean girls 100+ times, no joke.  also, my three friends & i once dressed up as THE PLASTICS for a theme party in college.  what was the theme? -> superheroes and villains.  we were the most fashionable villains there.  who was i? -> gretchen weiners, of course.  i mean, my hair is full of secrets....]

thanks for putting up with this long & rambling post!

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