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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i want: polka dot bathing suit

i am soooo ready for it to be summer!  so ready that i'm already checking out new bathing suits!  it usually takes me a long time to find the right suit - i prefer bandeau tops but they often don't fit.  victoria's secret is a no-go, then again, so are most stores.  but then i came across this polka dotted beauty . . .

and just look at these other adorable colors ~

yup, pretty sure this is my perfect bathing suit.
now, on to justify buying it when i already have not one, but two other polka dot bikinis... (then again, one is red/white and the other purple/white, so really i can get any of these except for the lavender one and it would be okay... right?!)

p.s.  doesn't it sorta remind you of the suit rose mcgowan wore in this pin-up-esque photo shoot?!  makes me love it even more :)

can be bought at j.crew - here