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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

reblog: best mila kunis awards season look

i love mila kunis.  i don't know if i've ever made that clear, but i really do love her.  i've loved her since she entered my life as the obnoxious jackie on that 70's show and i've continued to love her as she has grown up and proven to be a truly classy & fabulous young actress among a whole sea of trashy celebs who make me embarrassed to be a 20-something woman (ahem lindsey lohan ahem).  
anyways, this post is a focus on her 2011 awards season fashion choices, which have really been nothing short of perfection!  now i had to break this down 3 vs 3 -- it's the only way i could make a decision!  

round 1 -
so let's start... with these first three, my dear mila is wearing all adorable mini/knee-length skirts.  and they all happen to be beyond perfect.  but if i have to choose (my challenge for this post), it has to be the 1950's-esque victoria beckham dress she wore to the AF-I awards.

okay, round 2 -

now this decision, between three colorful and enviable gowns, is far harder to make.  i mean, we've got...
1. vera freaking wang.  fitted. one shoulder.  emerald.  [and interestingly, slightly similar to one of my fave dresses at my store]
2.  alexander mcqueen - not usually one of my faves, but this boho gown with the added belted waist is impeccable.  it was even my #2 pick for best dressed at SAG awards.
3.  a personal fave designer, elie saab [couture!] at the all-important oscars.  a gorgeous soft lavender, a perfectly flattering shape, an interesting lacy design.  
so my choice?  elie saab couture. 
this was my fave oscar look, well, tied with the fashionably-precocious hailee steinfeld in marchesa.  perfect 1950's style marchesa with just the right amount of embellishment and tulle.

but back to mila! --

victoria beckham cocktail dress vs. elie saab couture gown.

winner for me?
elie saab couture

   apparently the readers over at red carpet fashion awards agree :)

of course, i'd rather have the VB dress in my own closet, more than anything else!

ohhh mila, you never cease to amaze me.  

what do you all think?

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