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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

design: bed nooks

window seat beds, captains beds, hidden beds, etc.  whatever the term, i just love these cute, creative, & cozy bed nooks.

1. via; 2. from here [via]

1. designed by Craig Kettles [via]; 2. designed by Diane Bergeron [via]
 see more of this rustic house here [image via]
via; first found here
 my second fave bed nook  [via]
. . . and my #1 fave:
from apartment therapy -- go there to see easy diy instructions for creating your very own adorable bed nook!


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  2. Woah. I love bed nooks, and I have a Cape-Cod style house with sloping ceilings upstairs. Looks like I just found an amazing solution to a feature I don't like! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE the one with the rocking chair

  4. I like this bed nooks..The bedroom interiors are really beautiful..

  5. Amazing bed designs...What Nice pics collection i really enjoyed your blog.

  6. i just love these cute, creative, & cozy bed nooks specially first one..