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Friday, January 28, 2011

friday faves: 1.28.11

i've decided to start doing another weekly post - "friday faves."  this is a common theme on the blogosphere - highlighting top posts, events, or ideas from the past week.  i was doing it semi-regularly with "link love" but i want to really hold myself accountable by giving it a set date.  i'm pretty proud of myself about keeping up with "wedding wednesdays" the past couple months so i figured it's time for a new challenge!  i can't make a promise to blog every day or any of that, but i want to stick with day-of-the-week features.  so anyways, welcome to my first "friday faves"  [pst - see la vie...j'aime for the original friday faves feature]

side note -- going along with my goal of blogging regularly without giving myself the stress of every day [because let's face it, life gets in the way sometimes], i've decided to have as many blog posts as there are days in the month.  for example, even if it's not every day, i will have 31 posts for the month of january.  hence why there have been so many this past week - i'm playing catch up!!

so here it goes, friday faves numero uno ::

~ globe collection ~
lots of globes.  [via]

~ anthropologie launching a wedding line ~
am i getting married any time soon?  heck no. 
did i sign up to receive more info on this?  heck yes!
main site; image via

~ the tub caddy ~
who doesn't want to be able to take long baths while reading or writing?!
buy here [via]

~ chic little girls ~
i want to be as chic as her!

 ~ these sparkly heart-shaped glasses ~
not to mention the whole super-cool photography aspect.
see more of the photo shoot here

~ this colorful but classic mirror ~
image by swedish photographer Katarina Malmstr√∂m Brown [via]  

~ an awesome giveaway ~
from one of my newest fave blogs, the inspired house of wright

go here to enter!

~ inspirational phrases/images ~
okay sounds good.
[image via]
okay that sounds good too.

 and . . .


 final score: bulls 99, magic 90

happy weekend :)


  1. Thanks so much girl! Got you included in 2+ entries..my first in the giveaway!! :)

    Ps. LOVE LOVE LOVE your finds!

  2. I love the power of that interior: Mirror + blue electric chair. xxx