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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wedding wednesday: balloons

so i've already made it pretty clear that i love balloons in photography -- they're just so happy!  so for this week's wedding wednesday i figured i should highlight the use of balloons in wedding photography & how it makes for a happy day to somehow seem even happier ~

balloons in decoration:

photographer Brandon Witzel [via]

balloons in the hands of the wedding party:
by jodi & kurt of jodi miller photography [definitely go here to see much more of this seriously adorable wedding!]
 photographed by W Scott Chester [via]
LOVE this goofy couple! image via [photographer unknown]
a whole bunch of lovely wedding photos from the nuptials of one of my fave bloggers, colleen over at inspired to share. [see more here & here] - photos by jonathan hoffner photography

... but we can't forget heart-shaped balloons!!

happy, fun, carefree, quirky, funny, whimsical, romantic... i just can't say enough good things about balloons in wedding photography!


  1. oh i especially love all the red hearts but that goofy face one is mighty cute too! your blog has so many awesome images. it's great to page through such lovely things. ♥

  2. What a beautiful idea, if I ever get married I want it to look just like the first photo!


  3. so true! balloons truly do make everything happier <3 they add a dreaminess to it! following :)


  4. i'm glad to have found more people who agree with me on the loveliness of balloons! i will have to post more :)