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Monday, January 10, 2011

design: tufted headboards

not always big on headboards, but definitely big on this trend of tufted headboards.  not only do they look fab, but they are so much more comfortable than boring wooden ones.  here are some beautiful bedrooms, all with tufted headboards :

from decor pad  [via]; photo by Colleen Duffley [via]
 image 1, 2
from fabulous k [via]; from Decor Pad [via]
from adore home mag [via]; "bred" [buy here]

yup, it's decided.  the next headboard i buy must be a tufted one!


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  2. Hello - thanks for your comment, I really like the images you use on your blog. Lovely and lots of ballerinas! These headboards are also rather yummy...oh so many pretty things in life! Lou x

  3. I love these headboards, and for a long time, contemplated on either purchasing one for my apartment or making one myself! They just seem so much warmer and inviting than the wooden headboards.