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Saturday, January 29, 2011

quotation: hemingway - before you...

while the rest of the world is relaxing or having fun today, i will be working a 12-14 hour day and reciting this quotation to myself.  saturdays are my hardest of the week.  my store is open and it is always chaos.

so anyways... i must remind myself to listen, think, earn, wait, forgive...
but most of all, try.

as difficult as it gets, i will never give up or let the stress defeat me.  i will always try.  and because i refuse to quit, because i commit to trying - i will succeed.

that's my affirmation for the day ~

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  1. Misquote: Here is the actual one.
    “Before you speak, listen.
    Before you write, think.
    Before you spend, earn.
    Before you invest, investigate.
    Before you criticize, wait.
    Before you pray, forgive.
    Before you quit, try.
    Before you retire, save.
    Before you die, give.”
    by William Arthur Ward
    * not Ernie Hemingway *

  2. Wow thanks for that correction, I definitely don't want to be misquoting and even worse attributing the quotation to the wrong person! I will be deleting this shortly.