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Thursday, March 3, 2011

reblog: faves from the coveteur

some of highlights from the coveteur, a blog that gives us "regular folk" an inside look to the closets of big-wigs in the fashion industry.  kind of a who's-who in fashion, through the eyes of shoes and purses and fabulous organization.  check it out ~

~ organization inspiration ~
organized shoes by tracy taylor, US editor for NET-A-PORTER [a job i would want even more than this beautiful collection of organized heels]
shoe cubbies! want, want, want! from the closet of jane keltner de valle, fashion news director at teen vogue.

~ fab shoes ~ 
bedazzled miu miu shoes owned by sylvana ward durret, director of special events at vogue [another job i covet!]. hmm.... those first pair look super similar to a more colorful pair i had wanted back in july.  guess my style is pretty established!

~ accessories/jewelry ~
sparkle-icious clutch by anya hindmarch.  on display in the closet of celine kaplan, executive director of public relations at eres.

great way to showcase jewelry!  the mirror helps the bling shine even more~ from the closet of janna hillman, senior fashion market editor at harper's bazaar.

~ lovely clothes ~
bubblegum pink dress by carolina herrera.  what a lucky girl to not just own this beauty, but to attend events where she can wear it!  by karla martinez, fashion market and accessories director at W magazine.

*all images courtesy of the coveteur*

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