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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

design: high-rise work nook

so this whole high-rise apartment in downtown san diego absolutely beautiful, but i'm mostly drawn to this little home office nook, located right behind the (also super cool) dining room table ~

why i love it :
 - practicality : there's likely not space in this luxe apt for an entire home office, but this little nook is just perfect, without looking out of place or obtrusive
- sleek design. clean, crisp, organized. perfect.
- white (ceramic?) birds. just lovely!
- incredible window right behind it!  i've been to san diego a few times and i can imagine just how inspiring this view is.
- framed pictures without being too overwhelming.

all in all, i just love the sleek design of this officespace.  definite love.

apartment tour found @ made by girl
and the owner happens to have an awesome blog as well, design in it

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