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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wedding wednesday: different but the same

bridesmaid dresses

typically, bridesmaids stand next to the alter like a uniformed army of friends ready to obey their captain's [brides'] ever command.  hold your flowers?  yes ma'am.  smile for 1230984 pictures?  happily.  wear this ugly dress?  of course -- it's my duty.  

it's a long-running joke that brides make their ladies wear hideous dresses to take any potential attention away from them, and onto the newly mrs.  fortunately, i [personally] don't see this as a current trend.  bridesmaid dresses are now, more often than not, chic & flattering.  brides appreciate their friends & reward them by choosing beautiful dresses.  

still, the whole "all bridesmaids wear the same" deal isn't really my scene.  [once again, i remind readers that i am nowhere close to getting married -- i just happen to think about weddings way to often]  instead, i prefer the "different but the same" look : identical styles, different colors; identical color palette, different styles; identical flowers, completely different dresses even!

just take a look at some images i have compiled from real weddings, via wedding blogs, etc. :

by celeste duran of Danielle Gillett Photography via style me pretty 

by photographer anda marie via style me pretty
via bippity boppity boo

by david crane photography via style me pretty

by jeff & julia woods via style me pretty

by erin hearts court via style me pretty

by caroline joy via ruffled 

by photographers benj and maddie haisch via green wedding shoes

by jessica rai of gray photography via elizabeth anne designs weddings

via bippity boppity boo 

these bridesmaids
 even had different but the same shoes!
by olive juice photography via style me pretty

now, once again i remind whoever may be reading this : i am nowhere near marriage.  but... if my wedding were tomorrow, my bridesmaids would wear a soft yellow color dress, in whatever style they choose/best suits them.  [yellow, similar to the second to second picture i posted here, because the theme will be daisies - my all-time fave flower.  sigh.  wish i could say i didn't have this all planned out since i was 16!]

happy hump day!



  1. love them all! my bmaids are wearing black, but all different styles. Can't wait to see how it comes together!

  2. that sounds super fun & chic - you should definitely post pics afterwards, i'd love to do a second "different but the same bridesmaids dresses" post :)

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