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Saturday, October 16, 2010

a personal post: fat talk

i don't want my little pretty blog to turn into a personal soap box, but every now & then i want to share things that are near to my heart. today that is body image. i post a lot of pictures of models - tall, thin, impeccable models. i love these images because of the artful photography, exquisite clothing, & beautiful expressions, not because i idolize their bodies or aspire to look like them. i have struggled in the past with having a poor body image and during those times such images would have served as triggers, sending me into a downward spiral of destructive behavior. now i am older, wiser, stronger, & know that there is more than one type of beautiful. i know that my short, curvy, flawed self is beautiful with the same certainty that i used to know that only supermodels were beautiful. the problem is, weight is constantly on my mind, on every woman's mind [it seems], & this obsession makes me doubt my own beauty. so let's stop it. fat talk somehow creeps into our everyday speech, convincing us that size is important & thinness equates happiness. but do we really believe that? strong, intelligent women know that no, that's not the truth, but still we repeat all the sayings... "do i look fat in this?," "i'm having a fat day," "i just need to lose 5 more lbs" ....

let's stop this "fat talk" that we seem to love so much.

watch this video:

please spread the word : no. more. fat talk.

thanks for listening [well, reading!],

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