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Monday, October 25, 2010

pretty picture: waiting by the window - pt. 2

i don't know what it is, by i'm just drawn to artful photography that captures pensive women waiting by a window.  i mean, i've already posted one such image here, & now i'm showing another!  take a look:

i think what i love is the way these images really tell a story... or rather, these images allow the viewer to create their own story: who is this woman?  what is she waiting for?  what is out the window? 

& what's best, is every time you look at the photograph, you have the opportunity to create another entirely new story.


oh, & this particular photograph?  pure beauty.

it's by the incredible photographer renata kaveh.
thank you to the blogger isabelle over at pink lemonade for introducing me to her beautiful work.

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