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Friday, September 9, 2011

friday faves: 9.9.11

it's been a crazy work week and is not ending for me today (ahhh the fun world of retail), but i wish you all a lovely and relaxing weekend!  as for friday faves, i have a couple pretties to share today, hope you like them as much as i do ~


ampersand at the table
love, love ampersands as decor but rarely do i see any incorporated in a kitchen/dining area.  but this little space, found in chicago home + garden, is just adorable and the big black ampersand is a perfect addition.  {p.s. see the table? it's really an old door and sawhorses. so cool!}

a yellow & gray room
... that is just beginning to take shape!  it's the bedroom of my dear [and ADORABLE!] friend, joella, who just moved to a new apartment and is in the process of painting and decorating her room with a yellow & gray color scheme.  she's on a major budget but also happens to be majorly creative so i can't wait to see how it turns out!  haven't seen it in person yet but i hope to visit soon.  until, thank goodness she has a blog! [which you should all check out because she is super sweet and funny]

words to live by
stick to this simple fact & you will never go out of style!
found on this pinterest board


movie posters
for two of my fave movies, by the art of adam juresko.  fun, funky, and all-in-all perfect.  found on the blog, purple deer

a random note
for those of you not in the know (a.k.a. not in iowa), tomorrow is the big IOWA-IOWA STATE game.  whoo hoo!  everyone is throwing on their tee shirts and grabbing their beer koozies and heading out to ames - or the local bar - to support their team.  as a new iowa resident, i was super excited to take part in this.  i'm used to BEARS-PACKERS and CUBS-SOX but never cared too much about college football.  of course, when i was in college near iowa city and spending a lot of time there, i rooted for the hawkeyes because it was fun and i loved the camaraderie.  but with the risk of sounding like a fair weather fan, this year i'll be switching over to the cyclone side.  [note: if you know anything about college football you will know this is not a typical "fair weather fan" situation - iowa state is not exactly known for their football team, especially as compared to university of iowa]  this is my man friend's alma mater so i figured it was a nice gesture.  considering i don't really care and all.  (it's not like he would ever have the audacity to try and tear be away from the monsters of the midway over to the cowboys...)  unfortunately, i'll be missing the actual game this year because there is a big event going on at my store and i have to work.  boooooo!  but for any iowans out there, i hope you enjoy the big game!!

and to everyone else,
you have a great weekend as well!

xx, kait


  1. Awww shucks! You are too sweet. I hope my room lives up to your "super adorable" expectations. Now I'm all nervous!

    Can you teach me how to make pictures look fancy like that too?! Pretty please?

    And I can't believe you switched to IA STATE! WHAAAAAT!? I just can't even think of any words to say to you. You and Jacque vs me. lol. I have to work too so i'll be missing the game as well. :(

  2. I have no idea how I stumbled on your blog, but its very cute AND I love the Iowa shout out! My undergrad degree is from ISU and I went to Iowa for grad school, but I remain a loyal Cyclone. Cardinal and gold!!