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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

design: a soft & sweet kitchen

kitchen design has been on my mind a lot lately.  maybe it's the design star "dream kitchen makeover" episode from a few weeks back, maybe it's the fact that the kitchen in my own home needs to be completely redone.  whatever it is, i keep finding myself stopping and examining kitchens.  i know that for my own kitchen it will be a lot of function over fashion (moving around the oddly placed cabinets, purchasing all new stainless steel appliances, knocking down a wall to create a tall breakfast seating where there is currently a bit of wasteful hallway space... whew, that's a lot of work!) but it will be pretty nonetheless.

so then i saw this super pretty kitchen designed by jonathan rosen and fell in love.  it's a tad too feminine for our home but i'm still obsessed --

what draws me in 
- crisp clean lines
- yet still inviting and relaxed
- consistently white, blue, & pink 
- {even in all the little touches; i.e. pottery}
- glass cupboards to show off said pretty dishes!
- stainless steel appliances & knobs
- set-up makes it perfect for family snacking/hang out
- nice & long lighting fixture over seating

it may not be the kitchen for us, but it is beautiful nonetheless

*this kitchen was found in house beautiful {2006} and then posted last week on one of my all-time fave blogs, house of turquoise.  i HIGHLY recommend you head on over to see the whole beautiful home - especially the living room!

hope everyone had a great labor day weekend & enjoys this four day work week!

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