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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a personal post: future shelter

i know i'm going to be one of those women with numerous careers.  i can't help it - i just have numerous dreams!  one of those potential pie-in-the-sky dreams is to have my own funky little store, selling home decor, jewelry, art prints, stationary... whatever catches my eye!  there was a little store like this in iowa that i frequented when studying there.  not only would i waste pretty much all of my spare money there, but i also wasted pretty much all of my spare time there.  my friends and i would sit on the crowded floor and read aloud from the hilarious and totally unique books they sold.  we'd try on all the jewelry and clothes and model it to each other.  we'd look at all the art and funky decor and dream of a day where we had our own house and could afford such beautiful things.

anyways, one of my dreams is to have my own of these stores.  that's actually why i started my tumblr ~ to keep track of the kind of things i'd love to sell.

so when i saw this adorable shop highlighted on the blog see me everywhere, i was instantly inspired.  it's called future shelter, it's located in australia, & i'm in love.  take a look ::

bags, stationary, & tons of books.  yup, that's why my store would have.

psst - the store also has a cute blog.  obvs i'm the newest follower.
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