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Friday, February 4, 2011

design: maps, maps, maps - pt. 2

i can't help it ~ one post on maps just wasn't enough... so if you love maps (framed maps/wallpaper maps/all things maps!) as much as i, here ya go!!
 living rooms
lovely map-filled attic space [i think?  either way i love it]  from house beautiful
italy, broken up into ten framed pieces.  love!  [from marie claire maison; via]
 design by steven gambrel [via]

love how this map of europe matches so beautifully with the rest of the decor/furniture
image via Mr. Goodwill Hunting [i found it here]

desk spaces
image from Deco Peques [via]

 more map-filled walls.  from houzz [image via]

guest rooms
in a guest room - fit to host friends & family from all over the world! from the home of  p.s. this is probably my fave, because of the meaning :)
Florence Rolando [via

Elle Decor Magazine [via

great bench.  great great map.  [image via]

entry ways
 love me some pull-down maps! 
room #1: design*sponge
room #2: another design*sponge find. owner erin explains : "The pull down map is from an old school over in the Mississippi Delta that was being torn down. I was able to get about seven maps that day when they sold everything in the school."  cool!  also love how well the green in the chairs looks underneath. [via]

even.... bathrooms!
from apartment therapy [via]
a tad overwhelming but still cool!  from decor medley [via]

so the question remains, do you love maps in design as much as i?

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p.s.  next up, i think i'll do globes :)


  1. I love maps (and globes). I have a few globes hanging around my place and my boyfriend has some cool maps. I really want a vintage school pull down map.

  2. We have two antique maps we need to hang up! I love the look of them.

    If it makes you feel better our younger puppy (just turned 1) used to not be snuggly at all (which made us sad because our older one is VERY much so), but she has gotten sweeter and more cuddly recently! So hopefully yours will too!

  3. @Megan - Please post pictures!! I would love love to include them in future posts.
    @Emily - Same goes to you! As for my little Scully, she is a full-on terrier - bred to kill! Fortunately we have a very very cuddly giant schnauzer (95 lbs!) who is the best body pillow ever :) I'll keep you updated if the terrier ever does get cuddly though!

  4. Your blog is so cute!! I love the 2 one from the top and the bathroom one so adorable..