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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i want: betsey johnson ombre gown

fun fact about me: i run a prom store.  my technical title is sales and marketing lead, and when the store is open i am the co-manager.
as a result, my life is prom.
i'm in my 20's and my life is prom.
but so it goes...
ANYWAYS, the point of that personal digression is this: try as i might, i can't escape prom.  even in my free time when i am blogging and surfing the blogosphere for beautiful inspiration to get me through the stress of my job... my life is still prom.
case in point is this dress by betsey johnson, found when cruising the killer clearance on her site ::

 why i love this dress: 
- sweetheart neckline. aka my go-to neckline.
- boning in the bodice. crazy flattering.
- gorgeous sash & bow.
- 100% silk.  how luxe!
- OMBRE.  gorge.

a gown like this would go for several hundred in prom boutiques.  minimum $300, more likely mid-400's.  so wanna know the price tag?
i kid you not!
originally $495, it is on clearance & then gets another 60% off!  man oh man do i wish i were going to prom... 

p.s. in case you didn't know [& i don't know how you would know, unless you are 17 or also in the prom biz] ombre is totally in for prom 2011.  fyi.  meaning if i was 17 & bought this steal of a dress, i'd be totally in.  yup.


  1. just bought this dress for a recital i'm doing in may! (i'm an aspiring opera singer) can't wait!

  2. ohhh good luck!! you should definitely post pics :)

  3. I bought this dress as well for homecoming, such a great deal considering I would have never been able to afford it otherwise. Also super elongating, which is always a plus :)