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Friday, February 4, 2011

friday faves: 2.4.11

what i'm loving right now...
~ happy models in b&w ~
1. elisa sednaoui in elle italia, feb 2011 [via]; 2. isabeli fontana in vogue nippon, may 08 [via]

~ this gorgeous photo ~
she looks absolutely stunning
way agency calendar 2011 [via]

~ bianca balti for blanco spring 2011 campaign by hunter & gatti ~
... because she just looks so naturally, effortlessly, beautiful.
see more here

~ doutzen kroes on this vogue nippon cover from 2007 ~
 everything about it is just beautiful.  [image via]

~ a chic leather clutch with a big bow ~
bag by Les Composantes [via]

~ karlie kloss opening for dior couture ~
wow.  seriously fierce.  [via]

~ innovative fashions by versace ~
bright & fun!  spring summer 2011 look book.
 see more here

~ beautiful blue outdoor seating ~
i don't know where this image came from but i like to think it was the scene of a fun garden tea party for a group of fun-loving and fashionable women....who are also super quirky.  what do you think?! [via]

~ zooey deschanel tweets ~
i don't do the whole twitter-thing, but i'm soo glad jezebel does, or else i would've missed this gem of a tweet by my girl zooey d :)


last, but not least - i started a tumblr !
the main reason i did this is because i started developing a pretty elaborate dream where i open my own quirky little boutique, selling equal parts stationary, art, books, accessories, and maybe a sprinkling of clothes.  who knows if this dream will ever come to fruition, who knows if it will stay a serious aspiration for much longer... but until the day it dies down, i have started a tumblr to keep track of the types of items i'd like to sell.
hop over & take a look if you want, but i won't be offended if you don't :)
it probably only makes sense to me anyways!  (and there's a lot of overlap between the pretty things blog & the dream.plan.act tumblr)

have a great weekend all!

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