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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i want: renegade art fair - laura berger

chicago artist laura berger's prints are beautifully simple illustrations, full of affirmation & pure happiness - perfect decor for any room.

^ my sentiments exactly.  + books, that is.
 ^ (complete text reads: 1:You are stressed. You go do some yoga, ok? 2: Sit down. Breathe. Think about nice things. Like donuts and hippos. 3: Go to a place and have them put needles in your head. 4: Now take a bath. You were pretty dirty anyway. 5: Now drink a very large and soothing beverage. 6: Now go dance for several hours. Repeat step 5 as needed. You are cured!)

 i want this print framed in my room:
it's kinda impossible to look at her work & not smile :)


  1. I'm in love. You're right - how could a person not smile and feel good after seeing those images. The hippo/donut thing cracked me up. I want these signs all over my house and on tshirts for everybody to wear. We could end all wars, well that might be a bit dramatic but I do really like it all.

  2. Thank you for introducing her art to me!! These are absolutely adorable and I definitely want to post about her in the future with credit to you of course :)

    - the runaway