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Monday, November 1, 2010

fashion: sparkle in the every day

i've been seeing sparkly everywhere...
like in the j crew + the romantics ads...
how i like it worn
unexpectantly, juxtaposed with plain, modest clothing

by designers 

in editorials

for vogue nippon, via; from real simple, via

in the store
j.crew sparkly: vest, cardigan, tweed mini [via]

sparkle mini & loose-fitting top by vincej [first found here]
sweatshirt by silence & noise, found at urban outfitters
[image via; first found here]

how i would wear it...
i would throw on some sequined keds or glittery toms
grab a fun sequined bag

i would love to rock this mini skirt with a jean jacket & flats:
* i love unexpected glam! *

further prettiness:

one last pretty picture!

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