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Thursday, November 4, 2010

celeb style: leighton meester in elie saab

if i ever begin to doubt my love for elie saab, i just have to look at this dress.  

elie saab has perfected the difficult-to-achieve look of being soft & feminine without being too "girly-girly." aka, the look i aspire to capture whenever i go out.
just look at leighton meester in this incredible blue dress:

up close shot to highlight the gorgeous sequins ~
soo lovely.

as fashion blogger jenna at couture snob said,  "This is the kind of dress that makes me say, 'I seriously need to go to events where I can wear things like this!'"  agreed.

oh, and hollywood seriously needs to rethink its obsession with plunging necklines & bursting-the-seams cleavage [*ahem* katy perry *ahem*] because this dress is proof that high necks can be s-e-x-y. 

*photos found on the fave, red carpet fashion awards*


  1. oh i agree with you, she looked stunning. & what do you think of the pucci she wore to the cmas? fabulous to me, i loved her hair & make up too!!x

  2. i loved it! loved the gown, loved the jewelry, loved the shoes. she is incredible.