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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pretty pictures: family circus

       a personal note:
i hate winter.  hate.  hate the frigidity, hate the sun setting so early, hate the death of green... even hate the snow.  well, i hate the cold and wet slushiness of snow, but it really is pretty [when observed from inside a warm home, of course].

so in commemoration of the sometimes loveliness of snow, on this first of december, i share this snowy photoshoot ~ kind of a haunting beauty, reflecting my love-hate relationship with this season's weather [apparently i'm in a very "deep" mood this morning] :

my favorite image.  it just draws me in - i can't help but be captivated - maybe it's the oscar de la renta gown, maybe the snow, maybe the somewhat random pigs with satin pink ribbons - who knows... :

  what are your thoughts?  beautiful, creepy, or both?

by photographer paolo roversi 
found in W magazine dec 2010- click here to see the whole photoshoot

p.s. loooooove that lavender dior haute couture gown ~

1 comment:

  1. SO pretty,absolutely stunt photography!!!

    I like those Mistery style...

    Much Love,