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Friday, August 5, 2011

pretty pictures: mia wasikowska in harper's bazaar australia

note: OK before i get to the super pretty pictures, i'd like to sincerely apologize for the weeks of being completely M.I.A. [side note: i was M.I.A.  now i'm doing a post on the beautiful MIA wasikowska.  because not only is she beautiful but also because i am a sucker for a punny pun!]  but back to the missing blogger.  my life has been in a completely state of flux.  and although this is a prime time for documenting pretty things, there has been one major conflict in doing so : i've been sick.  yes, that is my über glamorous excuse.  i have been bed-ridden and without internet for over a week.  before this i was traveling.  so basically, no computer/internet time.  no blogging time.  except i had all the time in the world while stuck in bed - miserable, miserable irony.

but i'm back.... i hope.  i'm posting now because i can and because i am just so apologetic for the absence and just so lonely without the blogosphere [oh dear, did i just admit that?!].  but i can't really commit to being "back" fully.  with all going on, and with this ridonculous health junk, "commitment" is not really a word in my current vocabulary.  but i promise, promise, promise to try my bestest to keep the pretty things coming!  so please keep the sweet comments coming.  i can't stress how much i love them :)

as for the gorgeous photo shoot i can't wait to post...

here is pixie-perfect actress mia wasikowska, photographed by will davidson for this month's harper's bazaar australia.

and one last perfect picture, the lovely mia up close & personal - within minimal makeup no less

i hope to be writing a lot more in the coming days and weeks - most posts on beautiful things in the world, and perhaps a new second blog filled with my eclectic thoughts and musings.  just something to satisfy that need to write and overcome that fear of sharing my writings.  we'll see...

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