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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wedding wednesday: an iowa affair

man oh man am i a terrible blogger - no posts in well over a week, and after i promised to be better!  ohhh buddy... seriously gotta get back in the game.  problem is that God keeps throwing out curveballs and my life keeps on changing drastically.  one of these newest changes, i moved to iowa.  wha-wha-what?!  yup, bye-bye chicago, hellooooo des moines!  potentially a bizarre move - at least that's what virtually everyone keeps telling me - but i have my reasons and couldn't be happier.  [*note: these reasons will be explained when i FINALLY start up my second blog in the hopefully near future!]  so i figured it would be appropriate to share pics from a fun iowa wedding for this week's wedding wednesday, the first in longer than i would like to admit...

but without further ado, one of the sweetest wedding dresses i've ever seen, and on such a pretty & happy bride ::

happiest couple!

just check out that dress!

detail shot

seriously happiest bride ~ and love love those twinkle lights in the background

one last pretty picture of the loving couple 

iowa sure has some cute, happy, & chic people!  

dress by henry roth, a designer i now need to research extensively~
all beautiful photos shot by gina zeidler
found on ruffled blog

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