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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i want: love from IL postcards

found this on caitlin wilson's design blog & instantly fell in love.  all of etsy artist lily gene's cards are incredible but i was (obviously) drawn to this postcard ::

obvious, indeed, considering i live in the IL but the vast majority of my friends are spread out around the country/world.  think long-distance romantic relationships are hard?  well i would argue that LDFs (that's "long-distance-friendships" for all you not into abbreviating/acronym-ing literally everything.  and also making up words.) can be harder.  our culture puts such a high premium on romantic relationships, and when you are in love you will contact your partner as often as possible, especially if they are far away.  but with all the busy-busy of daily life, we can tend to neglect our dear friends, again, especially if they are far away.

well i say, enough!  so, dear all my friends in indiana, iowa, wisconsin, minnesota, florida, california, utah, colorodo, ireland, korea, and beyond -- there is someone in illinois who loves you very, very much.  and she will be sending you cards in the snail mail very soon.  because there is something particularly special about receiving real cards, don't you think?  i sure do.  all my love, illinois kait

p.s.  sorry but they probably won't be the exact postcard shown.  although $3 really isn't bad for something so adorable and really perfect, we all know that my strict bujay limits me to target & the dollar store.  one day though...

p.p.s. joelley, hope you know that you were the "florida" friend to whom i was referring :)

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  1. AWWW! Kaity, you are too sweet. I wish we lived in the same place again. I loved going to random basketball games with you, and watching the same movie together 3 times in one night. I esp liked getting all dolled up to walk to the bars together. Actually I've always like all of our time together. We should be pen pals. Yes? Like, write each other letters. I love mail.