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Monday, June 20, 2011

etc.: yes i do listen to ben harper

guess i'm still in the father's day mood because i really can't help but reblog this incredible flow chart!  music has been a constant love throughout my life and i owe pretty much all of that to my father.  his love of pretty much every genre of music (but mostly classic rock) was passed on to me, and although i'll never understand ke$ha or justin beiber, i love that i was the middle schooler with music by nirvana, bob marley, and the clash all proudly displayed in my room.  maybe it wasn't "cool" at the time, but i thankfully missed out on some absolutely terrible pop music.  thank you daddy :)

but i digress...back to the flow chart!  now i couldn't get it to show up here large enough for anyone to read it without a microscope, so i encourage you to go over to the sonos blog HERE to check it out, find the result, then come back here & let me know if it was accurate!  a lot of work for a monday, i know - but seriously, you should do it :)

*discovered on habitually chic

oh, and in honor of my results, i'd like to share a two songs by BH ~

 the "kait" song :
 "but if the sun sets you free, sets you free/ you'll be free indeed, indeed"

and this one here is probably the most romantic song ever :
side note: i once had a boyfriend who would sing this to me.  even though our "forever" didn't last, i still can close my eyes, hear his voice, and break out in a great big smile.  [read the full lyrics]

side note #2: once out with some friends, my country-lovin' date [different man] let me pick a song on the jukebox, knowing it would likely be something he'd hate.  i chose "steal my kisses" by ben haper.  he laughed because as suspected, he does not like that song, but then he danced with me, right there in a sports bar certainly not known for dancing.  tres romantique.  well, for me -- little things like that are my idea of romance.

side note #3: now that i think of it, i have known some pretty sweet men :)

then again, as ben harper said,  
"it takes a hundred miles of love to heal a mile of pain"

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