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Sunday, May 29, 2011

friday faves: 5.27.11

friday faves... on sunday.   sorry!

it's ben a crazy week and i still have a  crazy week ahead of me - my store officially closes for the season today, then it's off to h'are for a speedy 2.5 day vacay, then back home to do a ton of prep work for the big trip to china.  this past week has been a lot of tying up loose ends and shockingly not very stressful.  i think i'm finally learning to leave my work at work and relax when off the clock.  well, at least a little.  i really hope that i can carry over this less-stressful mind state to the next two weeks, as i am very worried i will get overwhelmed with the pressure.  so for now, i'll just focus on the beautiful and inspiring and calming.  here are just a few ~


~ a bright & relaxing bedroom ~
i'm really just drawn to this space -  i love the big window, the built-in shelving, the colors and print-mixing, and mostly the huge huge bed piled up with pillows.  my own bed may have a massive pillow mound, but it is currently broken so i am sleeping on an angle.  but this bed?  this bed is glorious.
moral of the story: i want to live here.
from house beautiful, march 2008 [via housebeautiful.com]


~ bright coral shoes ~
i own these.  and they are magical.  i put them on and somehow feel happier, prettier, sassier.  
[from white house black market, of course]


~ california dreaming ~
huntington beach, CA ~ summer of 2008
ohhh california, how i love thee... whenever i get stressed i find myself looking through old pictures of mine from california summers and i instantly calm.  i think it's about time i return...
[photo taken by me while suntanning]

~ this song ~
listen & love.

{i was made for sunny days}

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  1. I love your photos, they are very inspiring. The big window in the bedroom photo is what makes that space amazing. Hmmmm, maybe I'll move my furniture around.

    China sounds exciting....