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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wedding wednesday: vera wang spring 2k12

colors!  draping!  layers!  ruffles!  texture!  bows!  volume!

if you can't tell already, i'm pretty excited about this collection.  vera is a true artist in that she never stops venturing out into new styles and is constantly reinventing herself in these innovative collections, while still staying true to her basic aesthetic.  as different as her spring/summer 2012 collection may be from the lovely, organza heavy, all-white fall 2010 collection i last posted about, it's still very vera.

runway pics ::

some detail photos ::
{because the backs of these gowns must be showcased!}
(my most favorite)

dear vera wang,
thank you for always keeping bridal fresh, innovative, and anything but simple.  
a fan

*i hope you enjoyed these gorgeous dresses as much as i do!  on a completely unrelated note, i have much appreciated your input from the question i tagged onto a post a few days ago on whether i should make a second blog or incorporate more personal posts into this one.  it seems the general consensus is to incorporate, so incorporate i shall!  i especially loved megan's response that: "...your blog should be about what you enjoy and since I'm a big reader I think books are 'pretty things.' "  agreed.  thank you!  expect more personal, intellectual, and otherwise completely random posts in the near future.  if you read it, great!  if you skip over to the pretty pictures... well then that's great too!!

*photo credits: runway pics from brides.com; detail photos from brooklyn bride [from verawang.com]

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