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Monday, May 2, 2011

fashion: eva longoria's maxi dress

standing at a whole 5 foot nothing (or half an inch as i like to add), i always thought those pretty, laid back maxi dresses were out of the question for me.  but then i say this picture of eva longoria in the kind of maxi dress i've always wanted, and i think maybe it's time to search around and try to find something that flatters me just as much.  take a look ::
wearing the heartloom desi dress in blue, eva looks effortlessly chic - not to mention incredibly comfy!  unfortunately for me, $175 is a bit too steep for this girlie so i have to head out and search for a more budget-friendly version to wear around this summer.

thankfully i found this awesome article just filled with tips for us petite pretties who still want to try out a maxi dress!  yesssss!

p.s.  i'm going to play around with my blog today, hopefully adding some new side buttons and other cute things.  it's all going to be done by my amateur self with the help of online forums, so who knows if anything will turn out well!  but i'm crossing my fingers they do because i'd love to have a super pretty blog to keep in line with my title promise of having only pretty things  :)  stay tuned!!

*pic of eva longoria via the vogue diaries

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  1. That maxi looks so stylish and totally cute! Have a fantastic Monday, sweetie